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Welcome back to our Staying In The Nutrition Know blog! This week we are diving head first into carbohydrates. What are they? What is the difference between simple and complex carbs? How can we change the food industry with what we buy? These are great questions! So, let’s get started!

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Our goal in doing this is to be able to give you a broader spectrum of quality information that can inform your daily habits so that you can live the best you. We know there is a lot of content out there and we want to help you sift through the facts and the “facts.” Thank you for supporting us!

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Staying In The Nutrition Know articles:

Good Carbs vs. Bad Carbs – Medical News Today

That’s right, not all carbs are bad! Carbohydrates are one of the three major macronutrients that we need. However, not all carbs are created equal. Understanding the difference between simple and complex carbohydrates could be the difference in your health.

Newsflash: The American Diet Causes Obesity – Health Is On Your Plate

Maybe this might newsflash may be no surprise to you at all. What is it about the American diet has its hand in the obesity epidemic? Carbs. Bad ones. And every time we go to the grocery store we tell the food industry that bad carbs are what we want. “Remember that you vote with your wallet, each and every time you purchase manufactured calories, or fabricated foods.”

10 Myths About Grains – LIVESTRONG

There is quite a bit of misinformation out there that is easy to believe, especially about grains. Here are some busted myths. Remember, educate yourself about what you are eating (or not eating), but always consider the source of what you are reading.

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