Staying In The Nutrition Know - May 9 - The Nutritionist Group
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Welcome back to our Staying In The Nutrition Know blog! We have some great, helpful articles for you this week on nutrition. We usually like to give you a wide topic range when we put out these blogs and this week is a great example. The articles we chose deal with supplements, general nutrition, and food labeling.

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Our goal in doing this is to be able to give you a broader spectrum of quality information that can inform your daily habits so that you can live the best you. We know there is a lot of content out there and we want to help you sift through the facts and the “facts.” Thank you for supporting us!

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Staying In The Nutrition Know articles:

How To Use The Nutrition Fact Label – National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Food labels seem simple enough, right? Why is it often so hard to read them then? This article might help clear up some of your questions. It is not a complete guide to nutrition labels, but it is a very useful guide that can help you make a wise decision when standing in the aisle at your grocery store.

The Box-of-Real-Food Diet – Your Health is on Your Plate

This article asks the hard question that we should all be asking ourselves when it comes to nutrition. Are we entertaining our bodies or nourishing them?

7 Impressive Ways Vitamin C Benefits Your Body – Healthline

From battling high blood pressure to lowering the risk for heart disease, Vitamin C can help with quite a handful of issues. The real issue lies in whether or not you get your vitamin C in a bioavailable form.

One of the reasons we often pick Healthline is shown in this article. At the top of the article, you can see there is a bubble that reads, “Evidence Based.” Often, this is hard to find when scouring the internet for quality, trustworthy information. The summaries in the article are also nice 🙂