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Welcome back to our Staying In The Nutrition Know blog! This week we have quite a few videos for you. One video from us about meal planning and some great TED talks about all kinds of different health-related topics. Finally, an article that hopefully explains what all the turmeric excitement is all about.

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Our goal in doing this is to be able to give you a broader spectrum of quality information that can inform your daily habits so that you can live the best you. We know there is a lot of content out there and we want to help you sift through the facts and the “facts.” Thank you for supporting us!

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Staying In The Nutrition Know articles:

Meal Planning Class – Introduction – The Nutritionist Group

This one is from us! It is a quick introduction to a class that we put on not too long ago. Soon we will have the rest of the meal planning class up and ready for you to watch! While you wait, check out this next article:

12 Must-Watch TED Talks for the Health Minded – LIVESTRONG

This article can definitely hold you over until we release our full meal planning class. It has 12 different TED talks on different aspects of health, food, and nutrition. Topics range from being a “weekday vegetarian” to how to make stress your friend to why dieting usually doesn’t work.

Watch. Think. Be healthy!

Benefits of Turmeric – LIVESTRONG

Here is another article from LIVESTRONG because they put out a lot of great stuff! When we have done classes and visits in the community we always get this question: “What is turmeric (or curcumin) and should I be taking it?” Turmeric is a big trend currently and in this article, you can find out what all the hype is about

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