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Support your endocrine cycles to establish your desired internal balance.

Due to the circumstances of our busy lives, (inadequate sleep, processing emotions and stress and a lack of certain vitamins) it is easy for our endocrine system to fall out of balance. To restore a properly functioning hormonal system a mental, emotional, physical, environmental, genetic predisposition and nutritional assessment along with identification of barriers to achieving balance should be considered. With adequate support and nourishment, the body is capable of healing itself.

We can help you support your endocrine cycles with a plan developed around;

  • Nutrition analysis
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Lifestyle management
  • Medical collaboration
  • Family history
  • Mental perceptions
  • Symptomatic relief

…hormones are the “fountain of youth” in the human body. Their job is to regulate the functions of different tissues and organs as well as blood pressure control, reproductive function, body mass, immune function, cognitive performance, how we deal with stress and so much more. The hormonal “orchestra” must stay in balance in order for the tissues that they regulate to function optimally and stay in harmony.

Jason E. Barker, ND

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