Meal Planning Class - Introduction - The Nutritionist Group

Welcome to our Meal Planning Class!

We are excited to bring you our first video in our Meal Planning Class series. The video above is our Meal Planning Class Introduction and, hopefully, it will provide you with some good overview information as well as help you think about your own meal planning obstacles.

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If you would like to watch this video on YouTube you can do that here.

Here is the transcription from the class:

I just want to thank you guys for coming to my meal planning class. It’s the goal of TNG to provide easy affordable accessible information to the community. That is because a lot of health disparities and chronic illnesses are caused by lack of nutrition or maybe a lack of understanding about nutrition. So, it’s our goal to provide these sorts of classes to the community for free to help build up the health of our area.

If you have any questions throughout this time let me know, but I’m just going to jump right in. This is Meal Planning. Last month we did Nutrition 101 and we are hopefully going to change these to different topics every month.

I have a couple questions for you. What are your personal goals for meal planning?


  • Healthy Snacks
  • Actually do it
  • Less time-consuming. Ways to (meal plan) without taking up all of your time

That kind of hints at some of the hindrances that people have towards meal planning. What are some things that keep you or people you know from actually planning out their meals?


  • Cost
  • Time

Some people might think that it can be time-consuming. There are some preconceived notions.

Participants: Not convenient

Yeah, especially the more and more our schedules get packed, it easier to just swing through somewhere to eat. My goal for this class is to help you realize that it can be affordable and convenient if you do it ahead of time and you know what you’re going into/what your goals are. That is the purpose of this (class).

Also, (another goal) is to implement some good nutrition. Because, yeah, it is easier and sometimes more affordable to swing through the drive-thru, but at the end of the day I get one body with one of the organs that we have and we want to take good care of those. That starts with what we eat.